Software Development Portfolio

Logan Young Software

Includes Design, UX and Frontend Development


We needed to update the design of our website to appeal to a more modern market. We also needed to update the site's content so as to sell our services better.

Initial Ideas

In our work with ASP.NET MVC, we found that bootstrap provided a very clean user experience and we wanted to use that in order to present our services for sale.

Using bootstrap grids, we came up with a short splurb about each service and presented it with an "Order Now" button which allows the user to send us an email containing the order for the selected service.

Adding More Content

It became necessary when we added in service packages to present a substantially increased amount of information on our Pricing page and to make sure that the terms of each package agreement was clear as they represent binding legal contracts.

To do this, we threw out the 3-column layout for content on our pricing page and opted for a full-width layout containing our write up for each package, but this seemed a lot to read all at once.
Use of a JQueryUI dialog control allowed us to put up an "at a glance" view of the pricing and features for each package while also allowing the user to order a package without any inconvenience.

Security with Google

Fighting spam with Google reCaptcha has been a breeze in our new design. The reCaptcha requires users to select a number of images from a collection that match certain criteria before they can send emails.

All of our contact forms have this feature on them so that we don't have to shut down any email accounts due to unsolicited email ever again.