Software Development Portfolio


Includes Design, UX and Frontend Development


This is a registration portal that allows our client's customers to register their businesses on a new reward network which we developed.

Initial Ideas

I wanted to go for a very simple user experience that loads quickly. There's not much needed here so we had to present it well.

The first design included little more than an image and 2 buttons on it. Each button would present its respective registration form as a jQuery UI dialog.

Switching Gears

The initial layout didn't lend itself well to adding a logo or tag line to the page, so we had to come up with a different layout. The side-by-side layout worked very nicely and the customer expressed his love for the new design on multiple occasions.

Material Design Lite

We recently switched from using bootstrap for layouts in favor of MDL which stands for Material Design Lite. This is an implementation for web design of Google's Material Design philosophy and has been incredibly handy in our new designs.